Untitled Burns parody

May 12, 2007

With apologies to both John Prine and Rabbie Burns.

A mouse left his house
With his wife and family
When I turned it over digging up a furrow
And the hole in the earth
Made him run for all he’s worth
And head straight down the nearest rabbit burrow
Wee tim’rous, cow’ring beastie
What a panic’s in thy breastie
I hope you’ve found a place to make a nest
A rabbit burrow’s surely not the best:

There’s a hole in Rabbie’s farm where all the bunnies go
Do rabbits feast on mice? I don’t know
The best plans we lay, aft gang agley
And leave us naught but pain and grief, homelessness and woe
Woah woah woah woah.


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