Hopscotch and Fratricide (on the Scooniehill Road)

June 19, 2007

An MP3 of Hopscotch and Fratricide is available here.

He lists his hobbies as hopscotch and fratricide
She likes Countdown and making dogs from balloons
He’s got a flat at Gatty by the seaside
She rents damp but cosy rooms

She shares with a drunkard and a sabbatical
His flat has an Arsenal/Spurs divide
The Love Machine says they’re 96% compatible
Their horoscopes very neatly coincide

She wears her favourite skirt from all the skirts in her commode
To meet him on the Scooniehill Road.

The rain is driving like a drugged-up Mikka Hakkinen
With scant regard for anything in its path
He walks along the pier and then walks back again
Thinking this might make her laugh

He wraps his coat around her and he walks her back to her abode
Out on the Scooniehill Road.

He drips on her doorstep and she invites him in
She gives him coffee, a towel and a peck on the cheek
He wipes his head and offers her a foolish grin
She asks ‘Same time again next week?’
He moves off backwards, slowly, waving, trying hard not to explode
As he skips down the Scooniehill Road.


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