Personal news and a new link

November 28, 2007

Stefan Stern at the Haufbrau; Photo by Sharon ChangOK, a rare personal post. After a lot of soul-searching I’ve decided to head back to Britain early next year and try to make ends meet in several ways, including freelance writing, tutoring, web design and rock stardom. (Much as I hate NorthWest*, they have a killer deal on certain flights between the US and Blighty – I got mine for $560 (£280ish), and some times of the year you can’t get to Denver for that kind of money.)

Speaking of web design, I have put together a site for Stefan Stern, a mighty singer/songwriter and pianist. There isn’t too much on the site right now, but keep an eye on it if you happen to be in Bozeman in case he’s playing.

*NWA, as far as I can tell, stands for Niggles With Altitude.

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