Metablog: where is Kensson rambling to?

January 5, 2008

The Kensson’s ramblings blog has never really had a unified purpose, except to allow my talents to shine. Some days it’s there to showcase old, nearly-forgotten songs; other days to brag about new ones. Some days I’ve cooked up some tasty food and want to record it; others, I’ve cooked up a preposterous premise for a story and want to share it. Then there are the articles and reviews that crop up from time to time.

But all of that is the ‘what’ of the blog, rather than the ‘why’. I imagine I had some vague idea that it would either gain me exposure, or money, or something along those lines; recipes and the odd factual article aside, the casual visitor is unlikely to find much by way of direct information – perhaps a little entertainment, but that’s even more hit-and-miss than the usefulness.

So today, I have decided on the purpose of these ramblings (if one can ramble purposefully) clear: the posts I make (daily, with any luck) are now designed to gain me freelance employment in any of several fields. The main ones are:

  • Tutoring maths or other subjects I know about (Physics, French, exam technique… – just ask);
  • Writing articles, particularly popular science;
  • Website creation – need a simple, elegant website full of prose extolling your virtues and with bells here, whistles there? Let me know!
  • Programming – I’m good at quick-and-dirty fixes to problems, especially maths-related; my main languages are IDL and Python, but I’m getting to grips with PHP and SQL, and I can dabble in Java;
  • Programming consultancy – I’m very good at sitting down with a programmer and asking ‘what does that line do?’ until we figure out why the code doesn’t work. For a reasonable hourly sum,
  • Music (I was told last night that I’m an amazing singer, which I was surprised to learn) – let me know if you’d like me to play a gig for you, or write a song, or otherwise prostitute my talents
  • Anything tangentially related to any of the above.

Frankly, any pennies I can pull in from freelance work translate into minutes I don’t have to spend doing data entry or whatever other bones the recruitment agencies in the Oxford area throw my way. So I’ll listen to any reasonable suggestions that allow me to work from home. You can e-mail me at with any propositions :o)

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