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A note before we begin

May 10, 2007

I don’t particularly want to get all copyrighty and rights-assertingy, but here’s the deal: I wrote everything on the site (unless marked otherwise), it’s under copyright and I reserve all rights. That said, anything publicly viewable on the site is free for non-commercial use, although if you’re distributing it (for instance, quoting something in your own blog or using a recipe in a charity fundraiser booklet), I’d appreciate credit including my name (Colin Beveridge) and a link to this blog ( If you do this and let me know, I’m likely to provide a reciprocal link. For commercial use, please contact me.

Depending on demand, I might make available some hard-copy versions of material on this site as cheaply as possible. If you’re interested in a lyrics compendium, a copy of either of my (still rather raw) NaNo efforts or a CD of whatever MP3s I have lying around, let me know and I’ll try and put it all together.