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Recipe notes

May 12, 2007

I should mention a few things about the recipes I’ll be posting here. Although I’m from the UK, I’ll tend to use American measures because that’s where I am. When I remember, I’ll convert things. The main one to be aware of is that a cup is eight ounces (half a pound), about 225g or 225ml, assuming what you’re measuring weighs about the same as water. I’m not always very specific about measures, particularly when it comes to small amounts (how much milk is in a dash?) and I know that’s annoying if you’ve not done much cooking. Alas, it seems the only way to figure out how much milk you need is to keep trying until you get it right.

Who am I to tell you how to cook? No-one. I could tout my experience living and working in France, but all that really taught me was how to make really good scrambled eggs, and that French bread. But I’m starting to enjoy cooking again after losing some fear of screwing up, and would like to share my discoveries.

All the recipes are vegetarian; some may be vegan, and I’ll flag them up using a tag. I imagine most of them can be made vegan, but I’ll leave that to the vegans to figure out.

Which brings me to the important thing: these recipes are just the way I happened to make the dish. They are more guidelines than instructions, and if you’ve got a good idea of something else to throw in or another way to cook things, I’d love to hear it. I always appreciate feedback, comments and suggestions, and will doubtless edit recipes (or any other articles) to incorporate the good ones, with appropriate credit.

Bon appetit!


What does this button do? or, Welcome to the brand new Kensson blog

May 10, 2007

It’s about time I got around to making a new website. Previous versions concentrated solely on my musical endeavours; that seems a little narrow-focussed now. So the new Kensson blog is going to include not only lyrics and MP3s, but pretty much anything that wanders into my mind, such as micro-fiction (very short stories, probably some haiku too), recipes, reviews of whatever I happen to be reading or watching, and likely a dozen other things that I’ll think of in the future. I hope you find something worth reading and something worth sharing. Enjoy!