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The first 28 minutes of the second half of Moldova vs. Turkey

October 13, 2007

Moldova vs. TurkeyThe sports bar is a peculiarly American institution. Bozeman has three of them – Bennigan’s, which is as much a chain restaurant as a bar; the Cat’s Paw, which oozes the feeling that what happens inside, stays inside (and that anyone who goes in hoping to watch anything other than American football is unlikely to leave with as many limbs as when they went in); and there’s Spectators, conveniently located on campus.

You’d think that a sports bar would make some kind of effort to show sports, plural. Read the rest of this entry »


TV review, Monday July 9th

July 10, 2007

So, I was in the gym last night, trying to earn the banana split coming my way later in the evening. The seven o’clock hour (mountain time) is a time of slim pickings when you’ve left your iPod in the car and have to make do with the TV screens in front of you for entertainment. Once The Simpsons is over, the athlete is faced with a terrible choice: one screen one, baseball. Not even a proper match, but a home-run hitting contest. Screen two shows Wife Swap, in which a very short, very laid back mother swapped families with an ultra-competitive… well, whatever, I wasn’t watching it. On screen four, there appeared to be some kind of reality show about picking a woman out of a zillion choices. Fox News Read the rest of this entry »