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November 14, 2007

Irn-Bru logoNo MP3 is available of this; it is sung to the tune of Abba’s Waterloo. For those poor souls never to have experienced the orange nectar, Irn-Bru is Scotland’s other national drink (the non-alcoholic one) and reputed – with some justification – to be an excellent hangover cure. I humbly submit this as Scotland’s next national anthem.

My my! Last night I was out on an almighty bender
Oh yeah! And now I’ve got what was due to me in a familiar way:
Yesterday evening’s tea, beginning to repeat upon me…

Irn-Bru! I’m dehydrated, my throat is dry,
Irn-Bru! I need a caffeine and sugar high,
Irn-Bru! Couldn’t drink coke if I wanted to,
Irn-Bru! When I’m hung over you pull me through,
Irn, Irn, Irn, Irn, Irn-Bru, finally drinking my Irn-Bru.
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