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Australian damper bread

May 12, 2007

I think I stole this recipe more or less wholesale from There was self-raising flour left over and I didn’t know what else to do with it. It came out ok, but a bit floury, perhaps because I had excess self-raising flour to begin with. It’s a nice recipe for when you want bread fairly quickly – you get a loaf in under an hour, which is less time than my bread machine needs to make dough.

– 4 cups self-raising flour in a big mixing bowl
– 1 tsp salt mixed in
– 1 tbsp softened butter also mixed in
– 1 cup milk poured into a well in the middle and mixed in
– 1/2 cup water likewise
– mix until doughy and put in a loaf tin or on a baking tray
– bake at 425F (220C) for 25 mins, 350F (180C) for 5 more.