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Meditative self-massage

February 10, 2008

I am no longer in possession of the body-ball I habitually use as a desk-chair. As a result, my posture has quickly degraded from “iffy” to “almost as bad as Richard III’s”. To make matters worse, TCB is an ocean and the bulk of a continent away so I can’t bug her to rub my aching, aging back.

So instead I’ve taken to trying to use powers of telekinesis to massage my own back while meditating. It’s surprisingly effective, and much less likely to result in the yelps of pain that attend any physical massage where the muscles are tight.

I’ve been meditating occasionally for years, but am trying to make a practice of it. Twelve minutes of mindful sitting, preferably daily. Of course, my mind wanders all over the place and it’s often hard to remind myself “this isn’t the time to be rehearsing the interview you don’t have, turn off”. However, it’s quite acceptable to mentally check in with every part of my body – methodically, starting with my toes. Lingering over any muscles that are tight, shifting slightly to relax them.

If nothing else, it keeps my mind off of the trivia that generally occupy it, and serves to soothe my pains a little. (It would be quite unZen to think of it as killing two birds with one stone). Naturally, it’s no replacement for a TCB massage, but it’s certainly better than nothing.