Tangled Up In Bob

June 22, 2007

An MP3 of Tangled Up In Bob is available here. Lyrics are mine, the tune is (predictably) Bob Dylan’s Tangled Up In Blue.

Early one morning, the sun was shining, I walked into HMV
Wondering if they had anything I needed on CD
I wandered up to the Dylan section, couldn’t believe my eyes
Blood on the Tracks and Blonde on Blonde were both 6.95
Immediately I snapped them up, the friend with me said “But…
“Kensson, you already own them both.” I said “Shut
“Your gob! I’m tangled up in Bob.”

My name is Kensson and I’m 29, I’m a Bob Dylan addict
If I go into a record store, it’s pretty much automatic
Straight up to the midprice shelf, find the tab marked D
Buy Freewheelin’ or maybe Oh Mercy
This Dylan obsession is driving me into debt
If it carries on much longer, I’m going to have to get
A second job, I’m tangled up in Bob

I’ve read every word ever written about my idol
I own 28 Telegraphs and a Q commemorative title
So many of his CDs that it’s tricky to keep track
I have a Saddam Hussein storage system, I keep them in Iraq
Thirty albums, two box sets and a special edition CD
Bootlegged by a friend of mine who saw him at Glastonbury,
A man named Rob, who was tangled up in Bob.

Then one day I went into Cactus, I was cool and I was chillin’
Quite determined not to spend a penny on Dylan
I had finally realised, things were getting out of hand,
I turned down the Wilburys, The Wallflowers and The Band
I settled on Springsteen, I bought Born in the U.S.A.
And from my web of Dylan, I finally got away,
Yeah I got loose, but now I’m tangled up in Bruce.


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